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Your first visit to our Showrooms, like all great journeys, is your first step.

CHOOSING Cabinet city
When you look to enhance your home with the elegance and beauty of natural and engineered stone, you want the best for your investment. Here is why people choose Cabinet City Granite and Marble.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one we have the granite, quartz, or marble countertops for you. If you need a custom designed natural stone top for a piece of furniture, Cabinet City Granite and Marble is your best choice. We have selections to fit any budget and we can custom fabricate almost any design. You won’t find craftsmanship like ours anywhere else. Bring us your plans, dimensions or fireplace design ideas and we can give you a quote in a matter of minutes.

Besides finding the stone with the right color and character for your home, there are many other factors to consider. Not all quarries are the same, and each can produce different qualities of stone. Unfortunately, some fabricators use lower quality slabs to reduce their costs and increase their margins; ultimately, at the expense of giving you a quality product.

At Cabinet City Granite and Marble, we believe that quality starts with the stone. We only deal with a select group of reputable suppliers of high-quality stone and we inspect each and every raw slab before we will accept delivery.

Getting an accurate surface area measurement is a key factor in producing a quality product. Many fabricators use antiquated measure techniques. Some fabricators use thin plastic, strips of thin plywood or cardboard that are manually taped or glued together to develop a rough outline of your countertop area. These templates are then transported back to their shop and stored for use when the time comes to cut your stone. Imperfections in the measure process can result in alignment and seam issues, which when installed, will often be uneven. (Click photos below to see the laser system at work.)

Cabinet City Granite and Marble uses laser templating tools and CAD technology to develop an accurate measurement of your countertop area. This technology allows us to get precise measurements that capture the true characteristics of your surface area and also to account for any adjoining area variations. The digital measurement is then wirelessly sent directly from our templator to our Digitizing Department where our design software creates the detailed cut specifications for your slab from the field measurement. This allows us to cut it right the first time at our fabrication facility and minimizes the need for any field adjustments.

When the time comes to cut and edge your stone, many fabricators utilize nothing more than basic hand tools. The plywood strip template is taped to your slab and a hand saw is used to cut around it. Edging your stone is accomplished by stretching tape around the perimeter to get a “straight” line and then by using grinding and polishing hand tools to make the edge. This imprecise manual process generally produces inconsistent edges with uneven lines and larger seams. Also, given the limitations of hand tools, custom designs and curved edges are difficult due to the general inability of these tools to cut in any direction other than a straight line.

We have invested in automated equipment at our state-of-the-art fabrication facility to ensure that your stone is cut and edged for a precise fit and a consistent quality finish. The detailed cut specifications based on your field measurement and the custom edge selection you requested are electronically sent and programmed into our automated equipment where, using laser technology, our equipment automatically cuts and edges your stone. This automated process eliminates the quality and consistency issues associated with a manual process and also can greatly reduce the size of any seams.

Next, choosing design and style to wood and colors from our large selection of quality cabinets by our vendor cabinet makers; in addition to our own custom fabricator in our on premises work shops.

Our highly experienced craftsmen assure a quality and timely completion from complete kitchens, bathrooms, counter tops, fireplaces, and custom cabinets. In a few short weeks we are able to transform your special project into fine art.

From start to finish and every step in between, Cabinet City Granite and Marble uses its technology, equipment, facilities, relationships and professional expertise to provide all of our customers with the highest quality natural and engineered stone solutions possible. Our customers expect the best, and that’s why they choose Cabinet City Granite and Marble.